Why Blogging as a Business is Successful

A blog is a tool that adds a lot of value to your website. It isn’t just a way to broadcast information. Yes, it updates your current customers on sales, new services or products; but it also drives new customers to your website.

A business blog can drive sales.

By blogging regularly you add new content to your website, which attracts new customers and raises your search engine ranking. And raising your search engine ranking means that you are higher on the Google results page, and thus easier for people to find.

Blogging also allows you to continue good SEO practices by adding content that pertains to your targeted keyword phrases. So, if you have a landscaping business and you repost an article about protecting your plants for the winter, you can add keyword phrases to your content and meta data. Making the content seasonal and relevant to your business increases its clickability and usefulness to your business.

A blog needs regular posts, be it weekly, bi weekly or monthly. But keeping to that regular posting schedule will help your website and your business. Start your blog now or contact us to see how we can help! FireSpike helps our clients by taking the frustration out of the world wide web with many services.