Conversion of Photoshop/Illustrator files to HTML/CSS

Website Implementation from Your Portland Web Design Company

A beautiful web design is just the beginning.  Websites have to work, and they have to look good on screen sizes from large, high-resolution monitors all the way down to hand-held mobile devices. FireSpike LLC specializes in website implementation—that is, the process of turning a website design into a functional website.

Using HTML5, CSS, Javascript (usually in the flavor known as “JQuery”), PHP and MySQL, FireSpike makes great website designs into great websites.

We work with graphic artists, designers, advertising agencies, and web marketing companies across the country, acting as their web department.  In our mission to “play well with others” we operate at different levels of contact with the end customer, depending on how our customer prefers it—from totally behind the scenes right up to face to face meetings.

And we never forget whose customer we are working for. If we are working for another agency and their customer contacts us directly for work, we have always continued to work within our agency agreements.