FireSpike LLC was founded in 2001 by Arthur Breur as “Breur Media Corporation” with the following mission:

Valuable Service

We will provide quality web (design, development, and support) and marketing services, with measurable value.

Comfort & Trust

We will strive to provide our customers with a feeling of comfort and trust, and strive to build long-term win-win relationships.

Team Work

We “play well together” and we “play well with others”, providing a nurturing and engaging work environment internally and with a wide variety of business partners.

FireSpike LLC works directly with our own customers, and we also provide work on a subcontract basis for a variety of ad and design agencies throughout the US. In the case of the latter, we are very careful to always work on the agency’s terms when working with their customers, and we always remember where a customer has come from. Our relationships with our agencies are very important to us, so we always keep to the strictest of ethics in all our customer relationships.

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What our clients are saying…

"Smooth and easy…that’s how you made this whole adventure look and feel from over here! Thank you. Among other things you radically changed my beliefs about how revamping my website could be accomplished. It was literally a delight instead of a nagging headache."

Shell Tain, $ensible Coaching, Portland, Oregon

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