Twenty years ago I was a student at Luther College, in Decorah Iowa. I shared a room with 3 other girls and our boyfriends (which was against college policy, lols). We had a loft structure above the beds that created storage space or extra sleeping. It was decorated with Christmas lights and curtains for privacy. The bed was smaller than a twin and I do not know how we all lived in there. But I do have a lot of fond memories of that space

Twenty years ago I was working towards my degree in Art education, but would find myself dropping the education degree by the end of that year. I was a photographer for the Luther College photo bureau, which used 35 mm cameras and we developed our own black and white photography. 1 of the girls in my room would withdraw from Luther this year and our quad (as the room was called) would feel a lot emptier. The other 2 girls I still keep in touch with, one being my sister-in-law! Yes, all 3 of us girls who had boyfriends in and out of our room; would go on to marry those same boyfriends!
My home twenty years ago was small but full of promise, fun and learning.