Remember the beginning of 2020? Didn’t it seem to be pretty much like any other year?
And when the Coronavirus news started, it seemed like it would be the same as other virus scares of the past: SARS was scary, H1N1 was scary, and Ebola was probably the scariest of them all just for its sheer gory deadliness. Yet all of those viruses were dealt with and the danger was kept at bay.
But then the case numbers started to rise. People around the world started to get sick and some even died. We all started to feel that this might be something different. Italy was a disaster, but here things seemed under control.
Until they weren’t. It became clear that the only available defense we had against a very contagious, potentially deadly airborne virus—for which we had zero immunity—was to isolate ourselves from each other. Children couldn’t go to school and people couldn’t go physically into businesses, either to be patrons or to go to work.
I’m truly grateful that FireSpike was already suited to continue with “business as usual” for us—we have been a completely virtual company for more than a decade!—and that we are in the business of helping companies to do business online.
I have shared stories about the charities, restaurants, and food distributors that we were able to help better serve their own clients and customers. Helping them and knowing that we were doing good in a time of crisis was very rewarding and comforting for us.
All of us at FireSpike are (so far) very fortunate not to have lost anyone we know personally to the disease, and we mourn the closing of three of our customers’ businesses which could not continue to remain in operation due to the changes caused by the pandemic.
We are very grateful to be here to continue helping the FireSpike family of customers to survive this challenge and to thrive again after it.