So many plans were cancelled last year, and that included our trip to the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Fortunately we were able to postpone, and Brian and I finally were able to take that trip early this month.
Kauai is a stunningly beautiful place, and has suffered so much because of the pandemic shutdown. We felt very lucky to be able to go visit, to see the island’s natural wonders, and to start contributing to its very tourism-based economy.

Obligatory “Look, I’m at the Portland International Airport” photo.
View north from the last stop when going on the tour of Kauai’s Waimea Canyon
There’s a historic lighthouse, way in the distance!
Brian hiking in Kauai.

Another adventure this June was finally getting our floating home painted. We inherited a dark green color that we never liked that much, and had lots of ideas for what the final color would be. We chose a color called “Salty Dog” — a rich blue — and we couldn’t be happier.

Before and after, in a single photo!
Whoo-hoo, it’s blue!