The New Puppy

Last year we welcomed a new puppy into our home. An oversized, old fashioned german shepherd puppy named Jene. My 5 year old shiba inu was not sure what to make of her new sister – they were not instant friends. Even at 8 weeks old Jene was about the same size as Miko, our shiba inu. Jene had no idea what personal space was, couldn’t control her fast growing body and wanted to play all the time! Miko soon taught Jene that she was the alpha dog and that this was her house. We soon learned we had a lot of training to do with both dogs!

Over a year has passed now and the two dogs have an understanding. Miko initiates play and Jene is always ready to play with her sister! Jene will sneak and grab Miko’s toys when she isn’t paying attention. Miko will sneak and grab Jene’s toys (or Miko’s toys Jene stole) when Jene is out in the yard. Miko will sneak tasty treats of Jene’s dog food when I’m not looking! Jene loves water and will shake it off anywhere she wants, including on Miko who hates water. Jene can sit or lie anywhere she wants, as long as it isn’t in her bed or on her bench. Jene can also play with any of the toys she wants, except her pillow or a chew she has forgotten about or a toy she just realized she wanted that Jene took.

Jene always wants to be outside and always wants to play-she’s still a puppy! She has better control of her body but still doesn’t quite understand personal space. Whenever Jene is outside Miko will, eventually; want to be out there too. We have decided that Miko is the quintessential older sister who loves her younger sister – but just won’t show it. The two are opposite in many ways but they have decided they are pack and we are family. We are very happy (sometimes frustrated) to have these two furbabies in our home.