The Expanse

By Chris Bond
The Expanse is a space opera set 200 years in the future where instead of Earth-centric tensions between governments, there is intra-solar system tension between the factions of those raised in the asteroid belts collecting ice for water, a colonial Mars whose inhabitants have spent generations terra-forming it, and Earthers — all linked by the horrifying and dramatic mystery that spans all four seasons.
What makes this show absolutely fantastic is how it strives to be as realistic as possible when it comes to how things would really happen in space. From the acceleration of objects through space, how people would respond to long-term zero-g environments and how even a simple wound cannot heal properly. The show has been lauded for its realism and scientific foundation and has even gone so far as to alter its stories and facts when new science has been discovered.
The SyFy Channel eventually dropped the series after three seasons despite its huge following. A campaign was born that included launching a model of the show’s signature ship, the Rocinante, into orbit to save the show and Amazon stepped up. A fourth season quickly followed with a fifth on its way.
If only Firefly had been so lucky.