• Therapist was looking to increase her search engine results for her business.
    • Had no SEO work done to her website.
    • We had experience with SEO and increasing user traffic to websites through website search results.
    • We defined keyword phrases and did search engine optimization to her website.
    • Keyword phrases started with no rank in google search engine results and ended with keyword phrases ranking #1.
    • Able to review keyword phrases past traffic to pick the appropriate phrase for the client’s needs.


  • Client Company Summary/Situation
    A brick and mortar therapist office was looking to improve her website ranking for local search results. Based in Portland, Oregon she was looking to increase clients from the local LGBT community who were searching for cognitive behavior therapy and counseling. Her website had been established for approximately four years but she had no knowledge of SEO.
  • Problem / Challenge
    The problem was that the client’s website had no professional SEO work done to it and she had no SEO knowledge. Meta page titles had too many keywords to be effective at directing user traffic to her website. Her contact information was incomplete and she had broken website links.
  • Key FireSpike skills/experience
    FireSpike had years of experience in optimizing websites for search engine ranking. Skills in working with clients to explain the SEO process and to find the best keywords for a client’s goals. And the ability to decipher information and make website edits that increase a website’s search engine ranking.
  • How We Solved the Problem
    We reviewed the client’s website and worked with her to find specific services she wished to be found for in search engine results. Then we reviewed higher ranked competitive, local websites and used Google keyword tools to make long-tailed keyword phrases. Then we used SEO reporting tools and Google analytics to make edits based on keyword phrases. We also updated her website with complete contact info and fixed broken links.
    Keyword phrases the client approved started with no ranking for her website. With the improvements FireSpike did for SEO, her website increased in ranking. The keyword phrases began ranking in the top 10 and in the #1 ranking on Google.
  • Special Value We Brought
    FireSpike’s team has a unique ability to help a client understand the SEO process and to collaborate with the client in finding the best SEO keyword phrases. This hands-on process builds a rapport with the client that allows FireSpike to tailor our services to fit their needs. In this case, FireSpike has been able to adapt keyword phrases with the changes in our client’s business and to write regular content for blog posts. That all works together to continue our client’s high search engine ranking.