With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, people seeking assistance in paying for their utility bills were no longer able to meet in person at the utilities or support agencies that work to arrange assistance. OEF tasked FireSpike with adding an online process for utility customers to directly enter their information into the OEF online portal

  • Company
    Oregon Energy Fund (Previously “Heat Oregon”)
  • Client Company Summary/Situation
    Every year OEF processes financial support for thousands of Oregonians to help them pay for their utility bills.
  • Problem:
    Prior to the COVID19 Pandemic, the agencies and utilities that processed financial assistance requests most often did so by meeting in person with those in need. Due to the pandemic, in person meetings were not possible.
  • How We Solved It
    OEF approached FireSpike to create an online intake, to allow the agencies and utilities to invite users to submit all of their necessary information online, allowing them to do so while following physical distancing guidelines.