This Oregon non-profit provides financial support for Oregonians who cannot pay their utility bills. They brought FireSpike in to create an online portal to streamline their interactions with agencies and utilities.

  • Company
    Oregon Energy Fund (Previously “Heat Oregon”)
  • Client Company Summary/Situation
    Every year OEF processes financial support for thousands of Oregonians to help them pay for their utility bills.
  • Problem:
    All of OEF’s processes were handled “manually”, working with Excel spreadsheets and printed forms. There was no central online system for handling all the support requests and all of the information surrounding them.
  • How We Solved It
    OEF approached FireSpike to create an online portal, to help them make their processes automatic and available remotely, so utilities and support agencies could access the information from different locations, and could submit the support requests within that online system.
    OEF estimates that the OEF Portal saves them $20,000-30,000 annually, by providing automated processes and automated reporting.