FireSpike LLC shares webdesign tips On April 13th we celebrated Thomas Jefferson’s 272nd birthday!  Jefferson was an American Founding Father who authored the Declaration of Independence and was the third president of the United States. His wisdom on truthfulness and media are as valid today as they were over two centuries ago.

Thomas Jefferson felt strongly about newspapers and felt that the media should be restrained to “true facts and sound principles only.” Similarly, making sure you publish accurate information on your website is important.

Before you publish a blog post or update your website, review and check your information. Not only should you spell check but you should fact check too! You do not want to have your website listed as disreputable by clients or search engines.

An easy way to avoid misinformation is to reread prior to publishing, use the spell check tool, and research your information to make sure the information you post on your website is accurate! Once your website has been updated or your blog posted, review again to make sure that the text, photos, and captions are correct.

Your web designers need your help too! Be sure to review their changes and updates to your meta information for accuracy. Having “true facts” on your website is a continuing process, but one that will keep you in the green with clients and search engines.

FireSpike LLC checks and double checks your website information for accuracy, and asks our clients to help us with this process. FireSpike LLC wants every client to be a reliable web source!