At the start of summer 2001, I had just left my previous job and had decided to start my own new company.

I was talking, long-distance, to one of the people I’d provided graphic design support for during my six years at Price Waterhouse in L.A., Elizabeth Aaron, telling her about my plan and my ideas for how the company would work and what services I would provide. As I remember it (and she may have a completely different recollection—but that’s her story to tell) she said, “Well, of course you’ll be doing the branding and website design for my new business!”

Like me, Elizabeth was launching her own new career—in her case as an interior designer. Working on projects for Elizabeth at Price Waterhouse had always been fun (sometimes challenging, but always rewarding and well appreciated). So, as she had said: “Of course!”

And so my company had its first client. I conceived her logo with the “casually positioned lower-case ‘e’” (which she is still using today) and built her first website (a very different process in 2001, but all the foundations are the same).

Elizabeth is still a customer today, 19 years later! I will be forever grateful to Elizabeth for believing in me and in trusting me enough to actually hire me to create her brand and to start her business’s online presence.

Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design specializes in “Lifestyle Design”. Lifestyle Design is the concept of understanding clients’ individual needs based on how they really live.