Cool Things

Some of the creative things we’ve made. Not all of it serves a purpose, but most of it is pretty neat.

“Earth” arcade style “defend the planet” game:

Play full screen >

Rainbow Tiles – A puzzle game that will challenge your color perception.

The Memorizer – A utility to help you practice memorizing anything by turning it into a guessing game.

Wandering Rooms – A script mashup between jQuery and PHP that creates up to  wandering rooms each leading to a new location, and never revisiting an existing room. It stops when a dead end is reached or 145 rooms are created.

GravityFree – Yeah we dabble in games. Experience some mesmerizing orbital physics in this planetary puzzler.

Fruits – Another venture into gaming with this low-budget 9-reel slot machine simulator.

Concession Stand – Do you go to the movies? The displays at the concession stand can be made quite simply with web technologies.

Text Adventure – While  largely incomplete, it provides the basis for a working text adventure by utilizing object-oriented commands. It is highly and rapidly expandable. It was fun to make also! Try typing ‘commands’ to see what you can do.

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