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Need some pumpkin carving inspiration? Check out NotYourAverageJack.com to put a little fear into your jack-o-lantern carving.

y14m10d30 Not Your Average Jack2Originally built back in 2006, this spooky website is a gallery of creepy and fun Halloween carving creations done in the Hamptons every year. The photos on NotYourAverageJack.com cycle through various finished projects while ghostly music plays. The astonishing pumpkin carvings range from Halloween inspired Totem Poles to the glowing eyes of Medusa’s head, complete with sinuous green snakes. Each project has at least one photo with the creator’s name and date of the project listed below. All the projects are listed beneath the slide show and if you click on a specific project, such as; Jack and the Beanstalker, you are able to see more photos.

y14m10d30 Not Your Average Jack3 The website is simple, easy to understand, and fulfills the mission of the website owner—which you can read about under the link, What is This? The background colors change with the rotation of the photo gallery and the eerie music sets the mood for the viewer. Also, a little known fact, the music played on NotYourAverageJack.com was composed by FireSpike LLC’s very own Arthur Breur!

If you’d like to set the mood for your website, contact FireSpike LLC.

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