Customer satisfaction surveys are an important tool to help improve your business. Knowing your customer’s satisfaction with your business allows you to follow up, begin initiatives to retain unhappy customers, and turn your happy customers into advocates. This can be done through regular customer satisfaction surveys.

A happy customer leads to repeat business, while unhappy customers can create bad publicity. With customer satisfaction surveys your business can implement initiatives to make happy customers completely satisfied, leading to repeat business and lifetime advocacy of your business. When unhappy customers are indicated you can implement initiatives to follow up and retain their business—turning them into happy customers! Retaining customers is cheaper then gaining new customers, and creates positive feedback that helps with the marketing of your business.

Creating a customer satisfaction survey is easy. Ask questions about service delivery, customer experience, and overall satisfaction. Some of the most effective customer surveys include questions that use a rating scale, surveys that include branding, and delivery that is accessible on the web, tablet, and mobile devices.

Use a Rating Scale

Use questions that have a rating scale, such as; rate your experience on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest. Using this type of question helps standardize your questions for later review, and reviewing your surveys monthly will allow you to see improvement in customer satisfaction. Noticing a trend in customer satisfaction will help you decide whether or not your customer follow up initiatives are working or should be changed.


Branding gives a visual representation of your business that customers will identify prior to reading. Also, having an image with your survey creates a higher likelihood of your customer opening emails and completing your survey. In order for customers to associate your business with your logo you should continue to use branding in all aspects of your marketing.


Accessibility of your survey is important for your customers, because a survey that is easier to access is easier to complete. Making your survey accessible by web, tablet, and mobile devices will raise the amount of completed surveys, and garner more information on your customer’s satisfaction.

Remember that satisfaction surveys are a tool to give your customers a positive, personal experience, as well as measuring how your business can meet or surpass a customer’s expectations. Talk to FireSpike LLC about using customer satisfaction surveys with your business.