To all our customers, in regard to the current COVID-19 measures being implemented in our communities around the world: while this is a shock and will cause disruption, please don’t panic. We will get past this, together, and the world will continue to turn and commerce will continue—even though there are clearly going to be some rough times immediately ahead.

At FireSpike, we were already a completely “virtual” company—all of our employees already work from home every day. For us, operations will continue to be “business as usual” and we are here to support you.

We can help you with messaging to your customers about your own business operations, safety measures, and availability. If you are needing to make adjustments in your own operations—working remotely, having remote meetings, changing how you deliver your services or products, and so forth—we can also help you with ideas and strategies for those changes.  

As the Persian fable tells us: “This too shall pass.”  We are here to help you now, and plan to be here into the future to provide you with our support.

Very sincerely,   All of us at FireSpike