Website Redesign & Updates from FireSpike LLC

FireSpike LLC helped Shell Tain update her website’s design, functionality, and mobile friendliness. Starting with Shell’s existing website and blog, the FireSpike team designed a contemporary layout with a more unified color palette. Then they worked to combine her two previous sites into a single, updated, mobile responsive WordPress theme.

Money coach Shell Tain (aka “the Untangler”), doesn’t need you to become a spreadsheet wizard or speak “finance”. What her clients do have to do is find a new way to look at, interact with, and understand their money. That’s exactly what she does to help.

Shell studied with the Coaches Training Institute, and completed ORSC (Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching) training. She holds the accreditations of CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from the Coaches Training Institute, and PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation. Shell says that “helping people untangle their money knots is the only career that has never bored her.” She can safely say that she is a money coaching pioneer.

“Smooth and easy…that’s how you made this whole adventure look and feel from over here! Thank you. Among other things you radically changed my beliefs about how revamping my website could be accomplished. It was literally a delight instead of a nagging headache.” ~Shell Tain about FireSpike LLC’s work on her website.

FireSpike LLC offers many services that will help take the frustration out of your website. We offer website audits for SEO, marketing, mobile responsiveness, technical, usability, and audience navigation. Contact us to set up a website audit for your business/organization.