In 2001 I was working as an Art Director for a company called MediaCentric. In the spring of that year, MediaCentric decided to switch from being a website and software development company to being a telecom company, and—long story short—I decided to move on to other things and submitted my notice.

I was asked to stay just a little bit longer and help prepare for and attend a large convention. I agreed to do so, but as part of the agreement, I negotiated a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a scanner, and an Aeron chair with which to start my own company.

I decided to call my new company “Breur Media” so that it would not be limited to just programming or design, but could be involved in all sorts of multimedia production. In July 2001, I submitted the paperwork to create Breur Media Corporation.

My very first customer was Elizabeth Aaron, for whom I created a logo, stationery, and the first website for her company, Elizabeth Aaron Interiors. (Elizabeth is still a customer to this day, and we still support and update

In 2013, I changed the company name from Breur Media Corporation to FireSpike LLC, and created the slogan “Taking the ‘@#!’ out of the WWW!”