This summer I increased my flower, vegetable and herb plants in my yard.
You see I have these adorable fur babies that enjoying running (sometimes trampling), digging and eating things in my backyard. With my dogs in mind I have to be very picky about what I plant that they can reach.
They have been pretty good with the large containers I have placed next to the house. I decided to add puppy safe herbs and flowering annuals, so they could have their own sensory garden!
Petunias do well in my back yard and you will see the lime sweet potato vine growing with the white petunia through a bird cage I found in the photo to the left.

I am growing 2 types of tomatoes and a yellow bell pepper this year. The Super Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes have done really well for me over the years, and this year as well. I have a Roma tomato plant with green fruit and the bell pepper my daughter has picked out has flowered but hasn’t fruited yet.
 like collecting vintage & cute cement planters and statues. This pink petunia is overhanging a large cement goose planter with succulents in it. I inherited it from my 2nd cousin and I have a smaller cement goose planter that I found in the dirt behind my garage! They are both a little beat up but I love them.
I inherited a lot of roses when we bought our house. A bunch of climbing roses that take over everything they touch and a few shrub roses that bloom summer through fall until frost.
I was really happy to build flower boxes for my front porch this spring, as I have been wanting them for many years. However, they get a lot of sun facing the west and I have tried many times to find a flower that does well with so much heat. This year I found one! Portulaca has thrived in my flower boxes. I love the rose like flower and the spikey foliage.