Mobile Friendliness Impacts Google Search Rankings

FireSpike LLC client Radice Family ChiropracticMobile friendly websites are becoming more and more important as technology advances. In order to keep up with the changes FireSpike LLC offers responsive website design and maintenance to our clients.

Making your website responsive will make it easy to navigate and encourage clients to view your website on all types of mobile devices. Google has just updated their search algorithm to include a website’s mobile friendliness in their search ranking, which means those websites that are not responsive or do not have separate mobile content will have a lower ranking on Google and be harder to find in search results. A responsive website will be built so that the FireSpike LLC client The Sports and Spine Centersame web content is displayed clearly on full-screen computers and mobile devices, without the mobile user needing to zoom in or pan to read content or navigate the website.

Just within the past business day, FireSpike LLC has made the following websites responsive for our clients: Radice Family Chiropractic, BloomStra Consulting, and The Sports and Spine Center. If your website is not mobile friendly and you would like to know more about mobile friendly changes, contact FireSpike LLC for details!