This is a snow story. It starts out sounding like a summer fun story. But trust me: this is a snow story…
Have you ever had one of those times when something was supposed to be really straightforward and easy, but then it turned into… an experience?
Several years ago, Brian and I realized we both have a true love of boating. We started doing excursions on the Columbia River with friends who had their own boat, but soon decided we wanted to have the freedom to spend time on the water ourselves, to go where we wanted to go on our own schedule. We purchased a 26-foot used boat—a “cutty cabin”—that we used almost every day on weekends. We stored the boat at the Sundance Marina on Hayden Island. While the boat was large enough that we technically could have overnighted on it—and could have done so with the boat tied up at the dock where it was kept overnight, and where there were restrooms and showers—the logistics of doing so would have been awkward. So we drove home each Saturday night and drove back to the boat each Sunday morning.
We lost that first boat on leap-day in 2016, in the massive Sundance Marina fire—you can read an article about it here—and we discovered to our relief that we had very much over-insured that boat. We were able to receive back the full amount that we had paid for it. Now, armed with experience in how we liked to go boating, we went looking for another boat. This time we wanted one that was a little bit bigger and that had both a head (i.e., a bathroom) and a galley (i.e., a little kitchen), so we could comfortably spend multiple days and nights on the boat on weekends.
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