FireSpike LLC Gives Tips for Secure Passwords

FireSpike LLC offers website security tips.Help keep your business website from being hacked with FireSpike LLC. Google recently published statistics that in the past year they have noticed a 180% increase in the number of websites getting hacked. This is a frightening statistic but there are some simple things anyone can do to help.

An easy way to hack anyone’s account is through a simple reused password. When picking your password, be sure to use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. The longer your password is the harder it will be to guess. Do not reuse your password on different websites, hackers can use leaked password lists to compromise other accounts.

FireSpike LLC takes our client’s website security seriously and uses long passwords made of semi-random words, such as; the password “G00dChocol@teFromHere” (No, hackers, this is NOT a real password for one of our clients. Please.). We also use random password generators and one of our team even uses complex equations to create unique passwords. Check your passwords to make sure they are as secure as you can make them.

For more information on website security or to schedule an appointment to review your website, contact FireSpike LLC today.