6 years ago, we brought home my first dog–Miko. I had done a lot of research on dog breeds and felt that a Shiba Inu was the best and cutest dog for my family. She was small enough for an apartment (which is where we were living at the time), kept herself very clean, and didn’t require a lot of maintenance.
We brought her home in the fall and over the months we learned more about her. Miko was definitely a puppy, chewed everything in sight and had more energy than we were prepared for. She had a love of socks and would drag them under the bed, which made the socks impossible to retrieve under a king sized bed. She also loved lying on the top of our living room chair to take naps, and wouldn’t move if you sat in the chair. We also learned, after an attempted bath, that she hated water. She avoided water in the bath, shower, falling from the sky or in pools. Water was the worst thing imaginable to my Miko.
So, when the weather turned cold and it started to snow, I expected Miko would avoid the frozen water like the plague. I was wrong–Miko LOVES snow! With approximately 4 inches of snow on the ground, Miko took off and bounded through it! She dove through the fluffy, frozen water like a dolphin. She chased my then 5 year-old daughter through the snow and circled around her when she fell. It was amazing!
Miko still loves snow and will stay out in the cold, fluffy stuff long after her humans want to call it quits. But I will never forget her first snow.