FireSpike LLC Marketing BrandingAs a business owner what does your business mean to you? What inspired you to start your business and what do you want to accomplish with it? All these questions are important, not just to you; but to your customers and employees as well. Finding the answers to these questions will show you the heart of your business and should be reflected in your mission statement.

We at FireSpike LLC know how a business can change over the years, and sometimes the last thing you think of doing is updating your mission statement. But, having that mission statement up to date is important for your business. It reflects the spirit and driving force of who you are for all of your clients and employees, and lets you have a touchstone to refer back to for all aspects of your business.

Mission Statement FireSpike LLC servicesThis past week on Twitter, FireSpike LLC asked you: what words best describe your business? While the question may sound simple at first, take your time to reflect and bring out your thesaurus to answer it. Mission statements need clarity, they need creativity, and they need heart! FireSpike LLC discussed the question internally and came up with these three words: ingenious, intimate, and conscientious.

However, I couldn’t help but wonder if my thesaurus would help me find some other words to help expand our mission statement. Perhaps innovative, skillful or canny would boost the word ingenious. Or the words confidential, faithful and chummy would expand the word intimate. And let’s take a look at enhancing the word conscientious with the words diligent, reliable, or fastidious!

Reflecting on your mission statement is a long process. Don’t rush it! Take the time to reflect personally and get a group together to discuss. Make sure you consider all aspects of your business by getting your clients’ and employees’ perspectives, as well as your own. When it comes down to it, you’re the owner and driving force behind your business, so choose a description that rings deeply and truthfully for you.

If you are looking to update your mission statement or make it a larger part of your marketing strategy, contact FireSpike LLC for help.