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Starting next month (April 2020), in addition to our now monthly newsletter, FireSpike will be sharing a variety of tips and special offers by email, using our Constant Contact email lists. Our new email list options are included below.

We know that our email inboxes can be a busy place, so we understand completely when you choose to limit what emails you receive from us. You can always completely unsubscribe—please don’t completely unsubscribe!—and even better, you can always choose which emails you get by clicking the “Update Profile” link at the bottom of each email we send.

Please AT LEAST stay subscribed to our monthly newsletter, and to the ALERT lists that apply to specifically to you and your business.

If you don’t know which lists do or should apply to you, send us a message via our ticket system and we’ll let you know which lists will be important for you.


FireSpike Newsletter & Announcements (Our Monthly Email Newsletter)

    • …for FireSpike Hosting Clients
    • …about WordPress
  • Service Announcements for customers using our Hands-On Monthly Maintenance (“HOMM”) service for their WordPress websites
  • Special Offers. From time to time we will be offering discounted rates for specific services.
  • TIPS:
    • Entrepreneurial Tips
    • Website, Social Media, and SEO Tips
    • WordPress Tips (note that this is different from WordPress ALERTS)
    • Tips for Working Remotely