New Monthly Drawing for FireSpike’s “Hand-On Monthly Maintenance” Clients

One part of FireSpike’s “Hands-On Monthly Maintenance” (“HOMM”) service for WordPress websites is checking with our customers that they are receiving the submissions from their website’s contact forms.

Each month we fill out and submit the contact form, and our message includes a link that our customer clicks to automatically confirm receipt. (Note: previously it was an option just to reply to the email, but going forward the link will be the only option for confirming.)

We understand that this can seem like a tedious thing to have do each month, so we are adding some fun to the mix. 

First, each month we will be providing a little bit of lighthearted content to see after clicking the confirmation link. We’re just starting this, and we’re already having fun coming up with ideas to try to brighten your day when you get to the confirmation page.

Second, we are starting a new MONTHLY DRAWING for our HOMM customers who confirm receipt of their website’s contact form by clicking the link. Each month you will have a chance to win a $5-10 gift card. To make it even more appealing, we will randomly choose one month each year in which the drawing prize will be a $50 gift card!

So now you have even MORE reasons to have a contact form on your website!