Plan Ahea... d

Available from CafePress: For Architects, designers, planners and all those who have a sense of humor and love to plan ahead. Check out this funny custom design on tees, shirts, mugs, pajamas, gifts and other apparel.

FireSpike’s team has decades of combined experience developing customized online processes for our clients.  These have included everything from large online software applications to simple WordPress tweaks.

In every case, no matter the scale, our work has benefited from planning ahead. In some cases the advance planning just required writing out a simple set of steps and rules, and in other cases this involved necessarily mocking up and diagramming every step of a complicated software process.  Generally, in web design and programming as in life, the more complicated the process, the more planning is required.

Many people don’t expect that their software project will need to go through a planning process prior to them seeing anything that actually functions.  We suggest that they think in terms of the planning for physical things like buildings, vehicles, bridges, interweaving overpasses, and the like.  You really would not want to start construction on a multi-lane highway across numerous natural obstacles without carefully planning every inch of the project!

In the long run, planning ahead saves time on web design and web programming projects, just as in physical construction.  Having to go back and start any part of the process over again takes much more time than just planning correctly in the first place.

So remember: The more complicated the result needs to be—either in programming or in the “real” world—the more planning must go into it beforehand.