FireSpike’s “battle cry” is “Create, Protect, Promote!”

The second part of that battle cry refers to our providing maintenance and security for our clients’ WordPress websites.
WordPress is complex, and it is made even more so by its many “plugins”. These custom add-ons are created by members of the greater WordPress development community, and sometimes one of them goofs and introduces a security vulnerability. The good news is that this same community is also constantly looking for any vulnerability that they can find—and major geek kudos and cred are given to those who discover a new vulnerability! So potential problems are usually found and fixed very quickly with an immediate update to the offending plugin.
This is why, every month at minimum, we update a site’s WordPress version, all its plugins, and its theme. This is also why, every month, we run a malware scan on every site we are protecting. This is part of the basic ESSENTIAL level of our Hands-On Monthly Maintenance.
By keeping everything updated we reduce the chance of vulnerabilities. By regularly checking for malware, we reduce the amount of time that anything that does manage to sneak through will have to cause any damage.

New Automatic Weekly Malware Scans Available

Recently, when we planned what additional benefits could be included in the two new tiers of our HOMM service, we discussed adding improved, automatic malware scanning, which is available (at additional cost) through our hosting servers. By scanning for and removing malware automatically every week, we reduce the time any infection that does sneak in has in which to cause damage. This new automatic weekly malware scanning is now included with our hosted Hands-On Monthly Maintenance accounts at the PREMIER and ELITE levels.