Looking to reach more people with your marketing? Consider how you can connect with people in their daily lives with micro-moments. Micro-moments are moments when people use their mobile phones to answer a question or solve a problem. Having a mobile-friendly website, branded social media profiles, & unique content will help you gain impressions in a micro-moment.

Micro-moments & mobile friendly websites go together!Google published micro-moment statistics on their Think With Google blog.

  • 91% of people use mobile devices when in the middle of a task. Such as cooking or repairs!
  • 90% use mobile devices to complete long-term goals while on the go. Such as weight loss & wellness.
  • 82% of people consult their phones while shopping. Price comparisons!
  • 66% of people use their phones to learn more after watching a commercial. Does your website have more information?
  • 51% have purchased from a different company or brand after consulting their mobile device.

Consider how making your website mobile-friendly will help you garner micro-moments. Contact FireSpike LLC to learn more about our monthly maintenance & web development.