Retrospect is a community of people who want to share their stories. Each week a prompt is posted that is designed to evoke memories and feelings, and people are invited to share a story or recollection in response. 
You can make a free account on retrospect to write your stories and share with their community. You can view current writing prompts, as well as past and upcoming prompts. And of course, read all other submitted stories.
Over time, Retrospect has generated a large collection of stories on a variety of topics—an unprecedented social history of an extraordinary generation; the Baby Boom generation, born 1946 to 1964. However, Retrospect also welcomes near-boomers and non-boomers too—especially friends and families! 

Their upcoming prompt is “Trick or Treat?” 
“Piles of pumpkins sitting in the September sun outside of grocery stores. Candy and costume displays dominating Target as soon as kids go back to school. Young adults now spending more money on costumes than any other age group. Will the pandemic put a dent in people’s plans to celebrate? Think back … when did Halloween become such a huge commercial holiday? How did you celebrate it growing up or with your own family as an adult?” 
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