LOLcats SEO PortlandIt’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that YOU know about your business. To draw a blank when staring at a computer screen, waiting for inspiration to hit on a blog topic. Here is where your search engine optimization (SEO) keywords can help.

It helps your SEO ranking to have content on your website, and blogging is a great way to add to that content. A good place to look for topics to blog on is your SEO keyword phrases. FireSpike LLC clients have around 20 SEO keyword phrases that they can look at for topic suggestions. They are good topic suggestions because SEO keyword phrases reflect what is important to your clients and what is important to your business.

When looking at your list, remember that you’re using it for inspiration and not to stuff your blog post with the SEO keywords. Your SEO keyword list will reflect your location, services or products offered, and aspects of your business. And, remember, keywords that are well known to you are just as important to blog on as ones that are not.

If you have a flagship product or a well-known service, take the time to write about it again—you can never have too much information on something that is such a vital part of your business. And if you need to define a keyword, think about how some of your other customers may not know the definition either. Specific keyword phrases are important for SEO, because the individuals who search for that specific keyword phrase are more likely to purchase than those who search for general keywords. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate those individuals who find your website from a general search—specific keyword phrases are a great blog topic! Also, be creative! Looking at a keyword phrase may inspire you to write about a current trend or news topic, or something completely different from the original keyword.

Having blogs written about SEO keywords will increase content to your website, will increase the SEO keywords content, and will increase traffic to your website that will result in a higher search engine ranking.

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