Our success story this month is our client Netta Radice Design, Inc. Netta is a graphic designer with 30 years experience in branding and print work. She started her design studio in 2000 with her fellow designer Sharon, and now has clients in the US, Canada, and around the world.
What excites and motivates you about your business?
Creating brings me joy! My work experience is different every day; on any given day I might be designing labels for a rum bottle for the local Florida Cane Distillery, or laying out a novel for a writer in North Carolina. Or, I’ll be designing uniforms for the US National Dragon Boat Team, and then creating a logo for an olive oil exporter in Tunisia. I am never bored! I even recently designed a totem pole for a Veterinarian in Pennsylvania. Can’t wait to see how that turns out once the carver is done with it!
What is the biggest change you’ve seen in your business since you started it?
The biggest change has been the evolution of the printing industry. What was once too expensive to produce is now possible for smaller budgets with the advent of digital presses. However, there have been sacrifices made to accomplish this. An entire industry of typesetters vanished. (These were craftsmen who used to set typography for you before we all had computers on our desks in the early days of my career in the late 80s.) The constant updates to software help us create faster and more beautifully, but it’s like drinking from a firehose to try to learn it all. 
What do you do daily to grow your business?
It’s impossible to keep up with software changes, but if I learn one new technique that I can use for the next design, that’s a win. During COVID-19, I’ve done more online networking and software seminars than in the past decade.
How do you define success for yourself and your business?
Success is making a living doing what I love, and exceeding clients’ expectations on their design projects. Success is also having work/life balance, so that you can focus on the job, but also take care of those who need you, and find some free time to learn or play or just relax. (Not always easy, but possible.)
Tell us about one or two big successes you’ve had over the last year.
My big news of the year is that in the Spring of 2020, Netta Radice Design, Inc. was designated as an approved vendor of the Super Bowl LV Business Connect program. We are one of 200 local diverse businesses in the Tampa Bay area identified as a certified, experienced special event production company approved to compete for contracts related to Super Bowl. 
This past year Netta Radice Design, Inc. had their 20 year anniversary, but because of the pandemic they decided to have a big celebration for their 25th. So look for a big 25th anniversary party in 2025. You can contact Netta through her website at NettaRadiceDesign.com