Arthur Breur, CEO, COO

Arthur Breur, FounderRiding the line between right-brained and left-brained, Arthur Breur started building websites while working as a graphic designer at Price Waterhouse in Los Angeles—in the days when the only way to build a website was to type the code out “by hand”.  He took on every project he could that included web development or interactivity, and was eventually designing and building fully animated presentations in addition to websites.

When, in 2001, the company he had been working for was downsizing, Arthur made the decision to leave, voluntarily, and started his own company, Breur Media Corporation.  Before he even finished a first draft of a business plan, he was being hired to provide web design and programming on a subcontract basis.

Arthur’s interests are eclectic.  He is a composer and pianist and has written more than 150 pieces, including the George Takei Rag and Dance of the Monsters Under the Bed.  He is an avid reader—though now enjoying audiobooks more than those in print—and has published novels by three authors: Joshua Dagon, John Riley Myers, and Brett Edward Stout.  Discovering in his adult years that he regretted not being in more athletics in school, Arthur joined an amateur wrestling team while living in Tampa, Florida, and even competed (fairly… no, very badly) in the Sunshine State Games.

Arthur works from his home office in Portland, Oregon, where he and his husband, Brian, have lived since 2011.