Chris “Gunny” Bond, Lead Programmer

Chris Bond has 20+ years experience in programming and web development. While his primary focus is programming and development, he specializes in  both troubleshooting and altering existing applications to suit client needs. With a slew of skills ranging from server management to high-level programming he has a proven ability to adapt to whatever the task at hand calls for.

As the lead programmer, Chris has a wide variety of skills in different languages from JavaScript and its framework brethren, Python, Ruby, PHP, Node. He is familiar and experienced with making APIs and dealing with them across all manner of platforms from social to e-commerce. It goes without saying that he has a solid foundation of HTML and CSS in all their modern and deprecated versions. More often than not a client already has a platform in mind, so it his job to make sure he can adapt to their needs. This means he has to stay fluent in such E-commerce and CMS solutions as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, and OpenCart—to name just a few. This also means that he has to be able to work with the 3rd-party solutions that these platforms implement.

His job has him constantly having to think like the client, the user, and the developer in order to make sure every nuance of the process is seen to. Chris is a practiced administrator of servers ranging from web-based databases and those hosting content. His job not only requires him to build solutions but also secure them—which means you can find him as comfortable in the depths of command-line as you can from the comfort of an integrated environment.

His favorite quote is “Not knowing how to do something is never an excuse.”