Chris “Gunny” Bond, Lead Programmer

Gunny lead programmer. FireSpike LLC web design Portland.Every good team must have its rebel, and Gunny fits that role perfectly. A good programmer, after all, mustn’t allow himself to just ‘go with the flow’ — not at the rate that web technologies are taking off today.

He does just about everything. What he doesn’t do, he generally chooses not to do (we are talking about you SEO). In his own words:
Primarily, most of my time is devoted to web development which is the integral focus of most of what we do at FireSpike LLC. That is: putting other peoples designs into play. I specialize in the programming that make specific functionality come to life (eg slideshows, user admins). On top of that, I can pretty much make WordPress do anything I want it to do. Occasionally I am asked to do some designing, but it’s not my favorite thing to do.

Gunny graduated from college with a degree in Electronic Engineering. During his studies he discovered that he had a tenacious knack for the intricacies of low and high level programming languages as they applied to microchips. After a few years of installing and inspecting security and fire systems, he migrated to freelance web development where he finally found a home with Firespike LLC.

His affinity for things programmatic was not entirely surprising.  Having grown up during the burgeoning era of home computers he was well into teaching himself BASIC on his family’s Apple ][e and altering his fathers programs at a very early age.

An avid gamer, while extremely nonchalant and casual about it, Gunny enjoys most genres of video games but has a soft spot for RPG and MMOs. He shares this love of games with his two young sons and the Bond household is often filled with the ambiance of all-things-gaming.

Often outspoken and frequently brusque, Gunny’s standoffish demeanor is offset by his puerile interest in cartoons, comics and occasionally garish interest in My Little Pony and Hello Kitty. He enjoys adventurer movies or stories of personal sacrifice and cried like a little baby during Titanic.

With an almost OCD fascination with programming and development languages, Gunny’s dedication to detail and perseverance to quality make him a priceless and irreplaceable, and reverently invaluable, member of the Firespike team.