Mobile-First Indexing

It is pretty obvious nowadays that people are using their phones to search for things on the Internet more than they are using laptops or desktop computers. Google and other search engines have taken this fact into consideration, and now give preference to websites that work well on mobile devices over those that don’t. 

In other words, say your website is evenly ranked with another company for a certain search term, but their website works better on mobile devices: Google will give that competitor “points” for having a better mobile site, and therefore will position that website in a better spot—above yours—in the search results for that search term.

FireSpike Builds Sites Using Responsive Design

For many years now, FireSpike has only built sites that work on mobile devices as well as on desktop and laptop computers. We have also helped many of our clients in converting their websites to work on small screens as well as on large ones.

This is called “responsive” design—the website design is responsive to the size of the device it is being displayed on. It is an industry standard now, and we’re really good at it! (Please keep that in mind if you see a website that looks really bad on your mobile phone—if you know the folks who own it, you might even tell them to call FireSpike so we can help!)

Checking the Mobile Version of Websites

Part of FireSpike’s “Hands-On Monthly Maintenance” (HOMM) service, from the start, has been to check that the layout and content look correct on each website receiving that service, after we do updates and checks on the software. We provide that default check on a regular, full-screen computer.

In our Premium and Elite level HOMM services, FireSpike now includes reviewing how each site looks on mobile devices as well. This way we can catch issues that mobile users might have — and therefore that might not just affect the users’ experiences on that site, but might also be affecting search engine results.

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