Twitter SEO marketing FireSpike LLCIf your business is working on being up-to-date on social media then you may have noticed something new on Twitter. A Full Index has been designed and implemented on Twitter, which allows users to search every public Tweet since 2006—when the first Tweet was published. You will now have the entire index available when you search on Twitter. Just click the “All” link at the top of your search results to view all search results since the beginning of Twitter Time. And if you decide to do an advanced search you will be able to search a dateline.

While Twitter should be applauded for the monumental feet of making hundreds of billions of tweets available and searchable, what does this mean for you?

Twitter will now have even more information out on the web, which will allow for more of an impact with SEO. Twitter has stated that their long term goal was to have every Tweet ever published be searchable, and up until now their search engine focused on real time. Now they have all their information structured and searchable in a Full Index. They are now a reference data base, as well as a social media. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing Tweets from 8 years ago turn up in your search queries.

Remember that Twitter is an important tool for social media, and they are working on making themselves even more important on the WWW.

FireSpike LLC includes Twitter in its SEO marketing strategy—contact us for information on making Twitter a part of your business.