You know the feeling: you’re using a company’s website and just waiting forever for a page to load. You hate it when it happens to you—and your customers hate it when it happens to them.

Even more, Google uses site speed as a factor when deciding on a web site’s search ranking. So a slow site could literally be reducing the traffic that even gets to your site, much less making the people who get there frustrated at how long they’re waiting!

Now, many things can slow down a user’s experience on the Internet—connection speed, computer processor speed, local Internet traffic, and so forth. We can’t control everything that might slow things down—but we canimprove how quickly your website runs. To do this, it is important to understand what things are slowing down a website in the first place.

And this is where “Website Speed Reporting” comes in.

Monthly Website Speed Reporting

FireSpike uses variety of speed reporting tools to examine websites and find areas where we can make improvements. Also, because website content changes and website software changes, it is helpful to monitor a website’s speed, to make sure that something new is not causing a new slowdown.

Website Speed Reporting is now included with our hosted Hands-On Monthly Maintenance accounts at the PREMIER and ELITE levels.