FireSpike LLC fixes website hacks on your web server.Every business needs a host for their website but not everyone realizes how unprotected these web servers are. Most web hosting services use unsecure machines that can easily be hacked and leave a client’s website open to attacks. FireSpike LLC knows how to fix these hacks and maintains its web servers for our clients’ website protection.

Are you in denial of a server attack?

Recently FireSpike LLC was asked to do cleanup on a Linux server that had been left without maintenance for over a year. The web server hosted approximately 80 websites, and over time it had its various website domains hacked. The server had been compromised and became a seething ground of infection and constant hack attempts from overseas.

The website clients’ may not have even known they were infected! The hackers used the websites to hijack Google searches to make money from them and use the websites for further, more powerful hacks. And clients’ website contact forms stopped working when the server was blacklisted by email monitors. Regular review and maintaince of the server would have prevented the infections. FireSpike LLC does regular maintenance on its web servers so that our clients’ websites are reviewed and protected from hacks.

If you think your website has been hacked, or want to know more about web hosting or server protection, contact FireSpike LLC.