Make Sure Your Business is Getting Quality SEO Service

FireSpike LLC SEO tips for quality service.When looking to optimize your website for search engine ranking the last thing you want to see is a generic title tag. You want your SEO company to be creative, detail oriented, up to date on industry trends, and your business’ needs. Here are a few tips, that anyone can do, to make sure your business is getting quality SEO.

In surfing the web you come across websites that have not been edited for unique client SEO content, even though their website has the SEO plugin. This is where “Your SEO Optimized Title” or “Untitled Document” or other useless messages can be seen by every new customer who views your website. It is a generic title from an SEO plugin that has not been updated by the website’s SEO company—it’s filler. It looks unprofessional, gives new customers no new information on your business, and doesn’t help your search engine ranking. This title tag is one aspect of SEO that you can check yourself.

When reviewing your website’s SEO, you don’t have to be a professional to make sure you are getting quality work. There are some things you can review without having to look at the html and associated coding of your website.

Click on your website and review each page, making sure the tab in your browser has information about the specific page you are viewing. Hover your mouse over the tab and you can see the full title tag to make sure that your pages do not have the same title repeated throughout your website.

Do your title tags make sense for the content of each page?

Do they include your business’s name or location?

Do they include a phone number?

These title tags shouldn’t be long; they should fit the most important words so they’re visible in the browser tab. Make sure your SEO company updates your these title tags, as well as your website’s content. If your website title tags are blank, confusing, or generic; then you may not be getting quality service.

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