Google Thanksgiving FireSpike LLC SEO

This month, Thanksgiving is a popular search topic. Google’s top Thanksgiving SEO keyword phrases are: Thanksgiving Recipes, Thanksgiving Pictures, and Thanksgiving Kids. Did any of those keyword phrases surprise you?

When looking at an SEO keyword phrase, be sure to look at similar keyword phrases before you start to use them. Sometimes, you will find similar keyword phrases that rank higher than your original. However, the highest ranking keyword phrase may not be as effective as using multiple keyword phrases. Using multiple keyword phrases can increase your search engine ranking and gives more options for your clients to find you!

FireSpike LLC Provides SEO Services

Google will automatically suggest keyword phrases when you type in the search box, and that is one way to find keyword phrase suggestions. FireSpike LLC searches for similar keyword phrases and chooses similar keyword phrases based on ranking. If you would like to learn more about SEO keyword phrases contact FireSpike LLC today!