FireSpike LLC Celebrates Limerick Day!

Creative Web Content to Increase Traffic May 12th is a holiday celebrating the art of the limerick poem. Limericks are 5-line poems with a distinctive rhythm that are notoriously fun ways to tell a story. And story telling is an important part of your website, your...

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Thanksgiving: SEO Keyword Phrases

This month, Thanksgiving is a popular search topic. Google’s top Thanksgiving SEO keyword phrases are: Thanksgiving Recipes, Thanksgiving Pictures, and Thanksgiving Kids. Did any of those keyword phrases surprise you? When looking at an SEO keyword phrase, be sure to...

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Dilbert’s Humor Boosting Google Search Ranks

Dilbert shows the humor and frustration of boosting your search ranks for your business. At FireSpike LLC we can take away that frustration and do the work for you! Contact FireSpike LLC to see how we can help take the "@#!" out of SEO.  

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